Our List of Food Stuff Products

Tomato Paste
Tomato paste is prepared using hot-break or cold break process. We mainly choose the most quality tomato that has the red color characteristic to produce high and excellent paste and sauce. All our tomato paste was manufactured according to International standard of sauces and spices. No additives and 100% Pure Tomatoes.

Pasta and Macaroni Pasta is produced from the finest quality of its products. Each Pasta we manufactured came from the highest quality hard-grained durum semolina, wheat and wheat flour that prevents from sticking and softening when boiling enables to keep the shape of the pasta. Our pasta was made to suit in preparation of salads, soups, garnish and any meals.

Edible Cooking Oil We have various kinds of cooking oils to offer starting from vegetable, palm, soybean, sunflower, canola and corn oil, which came from the most refined, bleached and deoderize raw materials and was prepared using the most high technology machines in preparing the products.

Thailand Rice Thailand rice production represents the biggest percentage of success in economy and work force. Our rice came from the finest milling producers in Thailand. We buy rice according to current trade markets and new crops then polish it, with high machines and technology of 21st centuries. It was packed and produced as per standard acceptable procedure of Thailand Rice export regulation.

Canned SardinesOur Sardines is reached of nutrients from omega and proteins, and it is made from the finest sardines quality which packed in lithographic cans and cartons and produced from Morocco and Thailand.

Canned Tuna

Our Tuna is reached of omega nutrients, and it is made from the finest Tuna part quality which packed in lithographic cans label or paper label and cartons. It is manufactured fromThailand.

Wheat Flour
Wheat Flour is manufactured from the best producer located in Turkey and Ukraine.

Corn Flour
Corn flour is manufactured from the best producers of Maize located in Brazil and Argentina.

Our Salt is produce locally from Portugal using high technology of drying from salt water to rock or crystal salts..

Other Food Stuff Products

Refined Sunflower Oil, Corn Oil, Soybean Oil, Biscuit and Wafers, Brazilian & Thailand Sugar, Bath Soaps and Detergents & Other Household Items like Candles and Plastic Cups